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No-Nonsense Algebra

 Table of Contents

  Chapter  1            Necessary Tools for  Algebra
  Chapter  2            Solving Equations
  Chapter  3            Graphing and Analyzing Linear Equations
  Chapter  4            Solving and Graphing Inequalities
  Chapter  5            Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities
  Chapter  6            Polynomials
  Chapter  7            Rational Expressions (Algebraic Fractions)
  Chapter  8            Radical Expressions and Geometry
  Chapter  9            Quadratic Equations
  Chapter 10          Algebra Word Problems

Also included:
                                  *A “How to Use This Book” Section

                                  *Chapter reviews
                                  *Final Exam
                                  *Solutions for all Problems
                                  *Resource Center

Each Easy-To-Understand Lesson Includes:

  • Each topic is  clearly explained in a way that the student can easily understand.
  • A Helpful Hints section
  • Examples with simple step-by-step solutions
  • Written exercises
  • A short Review section that ensures  that the student will remember what has been learned

Includes free online access to video instruction!
Each lesson in the book has a corresponding video lesson taught by America’s Math Teacher, Richard W. Fisher

  • No Fluff!  
  • No Distractions!
  • Short, concise self-contained lessons
  • Each topic is explained in way that the student can easily understand
  • Lots of examples with fully explained step-by step solutions
  • Review built into each lesson to ensure mastery
  • Chapter tests and a final exam allow students to measure progress
  • Dramatically Improves Test Scores!


Use Rick Fisher's Mastering Essential Math Skills for 20 minutes a day as directed. If you don't see what you feel are dramatically improved math test scores, send us a note saying so. You'll receive a prompt, complete refund - no questions asked!


math essentials
New Algebra Book!


The book is well designed with vigorous drill and practice for all ability levels. It supplements any state-adopted textbook. Students excel when they enter the intermediate level because they are extremely proficient in their basic mathematical skills. I have personally seen impressive results.

~Lowell Russell, Intermediate School Math Teacher



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