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Education Hints
New Hope For Kids Struggling With Math

(NAPS)—Getting out of high school without the basic math skills doesn't add up. But that's what is happening to many youngsters. The end result is many students are totally unprepared for college, a profession—even life.

There is encouraging news however. Two new books are now available that help students to master essentials math skills, one version for elementary and another for middle grades. The books, written by Rick Fisher, a veteran fifth-sixth grade math instructor and winner of "Intel Innovations In Teaching Award," are aptly entitled Mastering Essential Math Skills.

Each book contains a highly successful mathematics teaching system that is reported to produce amazing results. In Fisher's words, "The books quickly motivate students and create confidence and excitement which lead to success, including being an excellent prep for high school exit exams. The results speak for themselves."

Each year, about one-half of his sixth grade students bypass the seventh grade and move directly to an advanced eighth grade algebra program. Educators say the books are most beneficial not just for the classroom but also for home schooling. They are also excellent teaching tools when working with kids whose English skills are limited.

The easy-to-follow math programs require only twenty minutes of instruction per day, and the lessons are concise and self-contained. Each book comes with the fail-safe assurance to try free for 30 days, or a full refund.

Both the elementary and middle-grade editions of Mastering Essential Math Skills are available from the publisher by calling the toll-free number 866 444 MATH (6284).

More information about the books is available by visiting the Math Essentials Web site at




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