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Sample Interview Questions

  1. Why are math skills so important to us as a nation?

  2. Do you really think that there is a problem in our schools today when it comes to math skills?

  3. What does all this actually mean for our kids as well as our nation?

  4. What can "proper" math education mean to the individual student?

  5. To make the changes you're talking about, will it cost a lot of money, especially in today's financial climate?

  6. What will happen if we don't help our next generation to improve their math skills?

  7. Can we catch up with some of the other countries in our education if we improve how kid's approach math?

  8. What are the major difference between math education in top-performing countries and those in the U.S.?

  9. By what grade levels do you think we need to make sure our kids have math skills down?

  10. Whose responsibility is it, in the end, to make sure our kids are getting the education they need—the parents or the teachers?

  11. How can parents help their kids, even if they aren't any good at math themselves?

  12. Are standardized tests helpful in determining what we need to do?




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