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Media One Sheet pdf

Downloadable/printable Media One Sheet for Math Essentials and founder, Rick Fisher.



Sample Interview Questions

  1. Why are math skills so important to us as a nation?
  2. Do you really think that there is a problem in our schools today when it comes to math skills?
  3. What does all this actually mean for our kids as well as our nation?




USA Today logoA solution to how to teach math: Subtract

WASHINGTON — Wondering why your child isn't learning enough math in school? Her textbook may be too thick.

In an unprecedented effort, a blue-ribbon panel commissioned by President Bush has been working since 2006 to find out why the math skills of U.S. students pale next to those in so many other industrialized nations. The 20 respected scholars scoured more than 16,000 research studies, heard testimony in eight cities and argued among themselves — sometimes heatedly — for nearly two years.

Pointers For Parents
Skipping A Grade In Math Made Easier

(NAPS)—Subtracting a whole grade of math from their studies is an equation most students would approve of—and a new workbook is making it easier.

It's not unusual for the students of math teacher Richard Fisher to skip a grade of math. Each year about half of his sixth grade math students move directly to eighth-grade algebra.

Education Hints
New Hope For Kids Struggling With Math

(NAPS)—Getting out of high school without the basic math skills doesn't add up. But that's what is happening to many youngsters. The end result is many students are totally unprepared for college, a profession—even life.

There is encouraging news however. Two new books are now available that help students to master essentials math skills, one version for elementary and another for middle grades. The books, written by Rick Fisher, a veteran fifth-sixth grade math instructor and winner of "Intel Innovations In Teaching Award," are aptly entitled Mastering Essential Math Skills.


Resource: Mastering Essential Math Skills
Publisher: Math Essentials
Author: Richard W. Fisher
Grade Level: Book One — Grades 4-5 / Book Two — Middle & High School
Telephone: 866-444-MATH (6284)
Retail Price: $19.95 per book
Review By: Jared Carlson

Math proficiency is something we all desire for our kids. After all, it is a well-known fact that children who score well in math usually earn more in their adult lives. Even though money may not be our primary reason for teaching math, it is still recognized that a good math education will prove beneficial throughout a person's life. The question is: How do we bring our kids' math skills to a higher level? In my opinion, Mastering Essential Math Skills will help.




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