Finally, there is a math instruction system that ensures that students get the best math preparation possible! Students master the exact topics recommended for algebra readiness by the National Math Advisory Panel. No extra fluff or side topics to confuse or distract. Closely follows state standards.

EXCITING NEWS! Four of our titles now include free online math tutorials! That’s right–a video for each lesson in the book, taught by the award-winning author, Richard W. Fisher.


  • Mastering Essential Math Skills Book One
  • Mastering Essential Math Skills Book Two
  • Pre-Algebra Concepts
  • No-Nonsense Algebra

Not only will Math Essentials teach the essential skills necessary for success in algebra and beyond, but it will add fun and excitement to math lessons.

Math Essentials materials will help students build confidence and self-esteem, which will lead to success.

And, importantly, success continues to build on itself.

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