Mastering Essential Math Skills PreAlgebra Concepts


Mastering Essential Math Skills Pre-Algebra Concepts

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You can find the password by going to page 35 in the book.  Your access code is the last word that you see in problem #10.

Introduction to Sets, p4
Sets, Subsets, Intersection, Union, p5
Adding Integers, p6 & p7
Subtracting Integers, p8
Multiplying Integers, p9
Dividing Integers, p10

Positive and Negative Fractions, p12
Positive and Negative Decimals, p13
Exponents, p14 & p15
Square Roots, p16

Order of Operations, p19 & p20
Properties of Numbers, p21 & p22
Scientific Notation, p23 & p24
Ratios, p25
Proportions, p26
Solving Proportions, p27
Using Proportions in Word Problems, p28

Fundamentals of Percents, p30
Finding the Percent of a Number, p31
Finding the Percent, p32
Finding the Whole in a Percent Problem, p33
Percent Word Problems, p34 & p35

Number Theory, Factors, p37
Number Theory, Greatest Common Factors, p38
Number Theory, Multiples, p39
Number Theory, Least Common Multiples, p40

Introduction to Number Lines, p42
Graphing Solutions to Equations on a Number Line, p43
Coordinate Systems, Ordered Pairs, p44
More Coordinate Systems, p45
Slope of a Line, p46

Graphing Linear Equations, p48 & p49
Solving One-Step Equations, p50
More Solving One-Step Equations, p51
Solving Two-Step Equations, p52
Solving Equations Using the Distributive Property, p53
Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides, p54
Translating Words to Algebra Expressions, p55

Algebra Word Problems, p56
Real-Life Algebra Word Problems, p57 – p59

Probability, p61
More Probability, p62
Statistics, Range and Mode, p63
Statistics, Mean and Median, p64