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Educators Say:

  • Risa Quon, Principal
    "For the past seven years I have watched Mr. Fisher's students excel in math due to his innovative program, teaching style, and high expectations for all students. His program has had a dramatic impact on our high API (Academic Performance Index) and the recognition of Blossom Valley Elementary School through the Glenn Hoffman and INTEL Awards programs, in addition to being named as 2000 California Distinguished School. With a minority rate of 65 percent, including second-language learners, Mr. Fisher's program leaves no child behind by taking students "at risk" and creating students "at promise.""

  • Manny Barbara, Superintendent
    "Rick Fisher's success with elementary school students and mathematics is legendary in the Oak Grove School District. His techniques and strategies have resulted in outstanding student performance in mathematics. This book shares the system he uses to achieve those results. His belief in all students succeeding is reflected in the content of this book."
  • Kelly Clayton, Teacher
    The Fisher system provides an organized, systematic approach to building fundamental skills. It has enabled my students to build the strong foundation that is essential for future mathematical success. I have watched them grow in confidence as they have mastered new concepts and skills. Best of all, my students love math!

  • Henry Castaniada, Principal
    Fisher's approach can withstand the test of time and any assessment to prove its credibility. He has developed an outstanding math program that has enabled our school, Bernal Intermediate, to be recognized in the state of California for exceptional mathematical achievement. When our students take the Golden State Exam in math the results have been extraordinary. I have not found a more effective way to teach mathematics.

  • Lowell Russell, Intermediate School Math Teacher
    The book is well designed with vigorous drill and practice for all ability levels. It supplements any state-adopted textbook. Students excel when they enter the intermediate level because they are extremely proficient in their basic mathematical skills. I have personally seen impressive results.

  • Eric W., Homeschool Parent
    This book lives up to its title. My fourth-grade son has always struggled with math until we started using this book. I give it an A++.

  • Mary Edwards, Homeschool Parent
    If your fourth- or fifth-grader is struggling in math, they need this book. My son finally understands concepts he struggled with so much with his regular school text.

  • K. Slattery, Homeschool Parent
    I used this book in my home school this year and all three of my kids tested many grades above average. Great Book!

  • K. Wachenheim, Homeschool Parent
    This is by far the best math workbook we've ever used. I wish I had found this one long ago, before I wasted my money on the others

    Parents Say:
  • My students begged for more!
    This book by Richard Fisher really tells the tale. Students are not strong in their basic skills. This book gives each teacher a chance to put the students best foot forward. The speed drills were looked forward to each day in my classroom. We use this book at the 6th,7th and 8th grade and have had no problems with it being repetitive. The students testing better on the SAT 9 and the MAC.

  • Worth Every Penny! Highly recommended, K. Wachenheim
    This is by far the best math workbook we've ever used. It comes with Teachers Handbook and Answers. It has review skills before each lesson and a quick lesson on how to do the problems on each page. I wish I had found this one long ago, before I wasted my money on the others.

  • A Very Enthusiastic Review, K. Garland
    Over the years, I have purchased countless "learning guides" for my two daughters. We always started with the best intentions but quickly became bored and found an excuse to try something else.

    Mastering Essential Math skills (6-8) is different! We are trying to figure out what to do when we complete this book. (Only about 20 more pages). I wish there was a sequel!

    I am not aware of any other books that do a quick review of basic skills, a good review of newly learned materials, followed by a new lesson on almost every page. There is an overall review for the section as well as the book. It's fast paced learning with review, review, review.

    I have recommended this book to my friends and would recommend it to you as well.

  • Good book, K. Slattery
    I used this book in my home school this year and all three of my kids tested many grade levels above average. Great book.

  • From the mind of a child
    This is an amazing book. i didn't need to use the book for homeschooling or anything but it helped me with my confidence going into sixth grade.

  • Very helpful, M. Glassley
    This is a very helpful book for keeping your child or student up to date with daily review work. Each day builds on the previous days work. It is just enough work to keep concepts fresh. Could also be used over the summer to keep kids on track. Great product.

  • Wish I'd found this sooner!, R. Lamb "Teachin' Mama"
    This text is so well put together that teaching math seqentially is now a breeze! I wish I'd found this book a couple of years ago. Highly recommend it to those who homeschool or need to brush up on thier own math skills. No need to have a math degree to teach math. Will definitely be purchasing the next book in the series.

  • Reviewing Basic Math Skills to Precalculus, Amalia M. Manaois
    I bought this book to see if I had missed anything on Geometry. I took Geometry in first year High School and I just wanted to review it. I find the formulas and the problems here helpful. I recommend this book for adults who knows how to read this book better. This book is not recommended for very young adults who had not taken the courses written in this book. The outline and the way the book is organized is a bit jumbled. It definitely needs a bit more structuring than just placing problems and formulas in the book. There are no explanations on how to solve the problem in full explanation with sentences and paragraphs because this book is for review only. So, I really recommend this book for adults who are just reviewing their basic math.

  • Great Summer Practice, J. Martin
    I am happy with this math workbook. My son likes that he only has to dedicate a small amount of time to math daily over the summer break and usually there is no argument. I recommend this book to all who want their children get ready for September!

  • Handy workbook to build those key math skills, Mohinder Sachdev "Mo"
    A good, systematic way to build your child's math skills over the summer, or even during the school year.

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Students Say:

"I used to hate math, now it is my favorite subject."

"I've learned more in the last year than the last three combined!"

"Math is fun."

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